On-Location Photoshoots

The SKupics Studios photography team can photograph just about everywhere. Photography gear isn’t perishable, so if packing up our equipment and traveling to a grocer or restaurant is the only solution to capturing images then we’re happy to do it. The limitations in the shipping of perishables is cost-prohibitive when we’re talking about thousands of products.  Really, shipping any product when we’re talking about a large number of products can be cost-prohibitive.

As a result, we travel to you.  We’ve found room to set up our photography equipment in behind-the-scenes stockrooms and kitchens across the country.  We’ve also been involved in shoots during normal operating hours at visitor centers and retail stores.  Whether we’re shooting around stockers or customers, we’ll always get the images you need.  
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Maximize Budgets with 360° Spin Sets

Social media managers and marketers are always looking for more content and visual assets.  The 360° spin sets that SKUpics Studios creates can be used in multiple file formats on a variety of platforms.  Essentially, these 360° spin sets provide more bang for your buck!

Before we go on, let’s address the elephant in the room.  What is a 360° spin set and how do I use it?  

A 360° spin set is 36 individual photos that are stitched together to create a single animated file.  Spin sets are loaded into a rich media viewer so that you can see the moving animation on a website. These rich media viewers allow the customer to control their own experience by manually spinning, stopping and zooming in on your product. Typically, these spin sets are shown through an HTML5 viewer so that they work properly on smartphones and tablets.

SKUpics Studios delivers 36 still images that can be deployed on your website by a multitude of solutions that can host and manage your spin sets.  Some of these solutions act as plugins for your ecommerce website. A few solutions to use 360° spin sets on your website are: Continue reading

Knolling Photography

Knolling is a process of arranging objects so they are at 90 degree angles from each other and there are even, parallel lines present.  Then, photographing said objects from above.  This kind of photography organization is very popular on social media, especially on Instagram.  Another name of knolling is “lay-flat” photography.
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Imaging for Amazon Sellers

Over 60% of our clients sell their products on Amazon! Amazon allows up to 8 images per listing. While the typical on-white evenly lit images are a must, it’s the lifestyle images that are a direct result of better conversion rates and a higher overall seller rating.  It’s quite simple: better images equal higher ratings, which in turn places your product on pages where they’ll be found first by customers!

SKUpics Studios product photography stands out in a marketplace like Amazon. The SKUpics Studios photography studios are set up to provide both your main, on-white image and your lifestyle images.  We can even provide hand models!  We have two living room studio set spaces that are ideal for larger products and a countertop with a tiled backsplash that is perfect for kitchen-related products. Continue reading

Turn Products to Turn a Profit

360 degree photography is 36 to 360 images compiled into one interactive file that allows your customer to virtually “spin” your product as if they’re physically turning it in their hand.  When shopping online, your customers cannot touch your products.  360 degree photography (or spins) engages your customer with your product and provides an experience that cannot be conveyed in a single photograph.  Providing spinning products on your e-commerce site is the closest thing to a customer walking into your brick and mortar retail location! Continue reading

SKUpics Studios Web-Ready Guarantee

Aren’t sure what specifications are required for your online store but want to begin amassing your photo library now?  SKUpics Studios will deliver a basic square jpeg-on-white that is compatible with most major online stores AND we’ll keep our high-resolution future-proof image for up to a year! This way, we can provide whatever format(s) your online store requires when you are up and running.

We call it our SKUpics Web-Ready Guarantee, you call it peace of mind.

Send us an email at contact@skupics.com to learn more about our Web-Ready Guarantee!