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Better than Wrong

A while back one of our clients shared with us the fact that a certain number of the existing pictures on their website were wrong – for one reason or another they no longer correctly represented the product being sold. As we discussed the project prior to beginning the photography we brought up the quality needed for the photos and were told that “just about anything is better than wrong.” I’m certain that the new and replacement photos we were able to provide exceeded this expectation, but there may be a place for “better than wrong” in product photography. Continue reading

Well, it seemed impossible at first…

Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to “touch” each of 230,000 items in a working distribution center, clean the item, photograph it in accordance with a detailed style guide, and return it to the proper bin when completed. To add to the difficulty of this mission we had to avoid the ongoing picking, work within the confines of the aisles, not connect to any power, track every photo by the item’s part number, and complete the mission in as short a time as possible.

What did we learn from this experience?

We are agile, able to respond to a difficult environment and create solutions to a seemingly impossible set of criteria. (If it sounds like I am proud of our team, I am unashamedly so.)

What benefits did our client gain?

In addition to a complete set of product photos they learned that:

  • Some items were not in the correct bins.
  • Some items were missing.
  • Some items were not correctly packaged.
  • Some items were damaged.

Most importantly they learned that SKUpics was able to provide the solution to their not-so-impossible mission.

Want to know how we did it?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you the whole story:

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The best kept secret in the industry

It seems like every time we take on a project with a large company we are required to sign an NDA. Now that’s not a problem EXCEPT when we’re trying to market our services. We’re forced to make statements like:

  • Headshots for the executives of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Onsite photography of over 230,000 products for a major industrial supplier.
  • Multiple venue product photography for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Provided product photography both onsite and in our studio facilities for a Fortune Global 500 company.

We don’t mean to be vague but, in many cases, that’s all we’re permitted to say. We were even told by one client that we were considered a “trade secret”. That’s quite a compliment and a bit humbling but a marketing conundrum. Frankly we can go either way – we can keep your secret or help you shout it to the world.

Your choice.

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There’s an old photographer’s joke from back in the days of film:

A distraught woman brings a photo to the local photography shop and asks, “Could you please fix my only picture of my dead husband? You see he’s wearing a hat in this picture, which he seldom did, and I’d like the picture to look more like the man I knew, so could you remove his hat?”

The photographer takes the photo from the woman’s hands and looks it over carefully. “That shouldn’t be a problem ma’am, what color was your husband’s hair?”

She looks at him quizzicality and says, “Well, you’ll know when you get his hat off, won’t you.”

Even in this digital age of Photoshop some miracles are hard to achieve (and expensive to provide) so we make every attempt to limit the amount of time our editors require to provide your finished photos. This often means cleaning the dust off of an object or steaming out the wrinkles of a garment before taking the shot. The few extra minutes it takes to improve the straight out of the camera image saves both time and money in the long run – for both of us.

And that’s no joke.

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You’ve got to show your product to sell your product

Seems simple enough and yet how often do we visit a website only to see “Image Not Available”, line drawings or simple representative images? We live in a world influenced by marketing giants like Amazon and as a result customers now expect to see exactly what they’re buying. If a potential customer is holding a blue widget in his hand but your website only shows red widgets, doubt is created and an unsure customer may go to a competitor’s website that displays both the red and blue widgets. The ultimate confirmation of a customer’s buying choice is a photo that matches their expectations.

Does this mean that you need photographs of every product that you carry?

Not necessarily. A 1/2″ and a 3/4″ hexagonal nut look very similar but the differences in grade, finish and thread type will require separate images. Think of it this way: if a customer can’t simply ask for your product without specifying size, shape, texture, color, etc., you need individual images that reflect these differences.

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A big part of effective product photography is you

Your product photos must be what your clients need to see to make a purchasing decision. If your company doesn’t already have a style guide we can help you create one.

A style guide can be as simple as “shoot the product straight-on with a front, side and back shot.” Or, it may be a detailed list of examples of how to pose each item including instructions for the angle of the camera and the number of degrees to turn the product. Once a style guide is created our photographers will be able to translate your needs into consistent photos which show your products in “the best light.”

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