You’ve got to show your product to sell your product

Seems simple enough and yet how often do we visit a website only to see “Image Not Available”, line drawings or simple representative images? We live in a world influenced by marketing giants like Amazon and as a result customers now expect to see exactly what they’re buying. If a potential customer is holding a blue widget in his hand but your website only shows red widgets, doubt is created and an unsure customer may go to a competitor’s website that displays both the red and blue widgets. The ultimate confirmation of a customer’s buying choice is a photo that matches their expectations.

Does this mean that you need photographs of every product that you carry?

Not necessarily. A 1/2″ and a 3/4″ hexagonal nut look very similar but the differences in grade, finish and thread type will require separate images. Think of it this way: if a customer can’t simply ask for your product without specifying size, shape, texture, color, etc., you need individual images that reflect these differences.

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