There’s an old photographer’s joke from back in the days of film:

A distraught woman brings a photo to the local photography shop and asks, “Could you please fix my only picture of my dead husband? You see he’s wearing a hat in this picture, which he seldom did, and I’d like the picture to look more like the man I knew, so could you remove his hat?”

The photographer takes the photo from the woman’s hands and looks it over carefully. “That shouldn’t be a problem ma’am, what color was your husband’s hair?”

She looks at him quizzicality and says, “Well, you’ll know when you get his hat off, won’t you.”

Even in this digital age of Photoshop some miracles are hard to achieve (and expensive to provide) so we make every attempt to limit the amount of time our editors require to provide your finished photos. This often means cleaning the dust off of an object or steaming out the wrinkles of a garment before taking the shot. The few extra minutes it takes to improve the straight out of the camera image saves both time and money in the long run – for both of us.

And that’s no joke.

Visit our website at to see examples of what we’ve done for others and can do for you.

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