Well, it seemed impossible at first…

Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to “touch” each of 230,000 items in a working distribution center, clean the item, photograph it in accordance with a detailed style guide, and return it to the proper bin when completed. To add to the difficulty of this mission we had to avoid the ongoing picking, work within the confines of the aisles, not connect to any power, track every photo by the item’s part number, and complete the mission in as short a time as possible.

What did we learn from this experience?

We are agile, able to respond to a difficult environment and create solutions to a seemingly impossible set of criteria. (If it sounds like I am proud of our team, I am unashamedly so.)

What benefits did our client gain?

In addition to a complete set of product photos they learned that:

  • Some items were not in the correct bins.
  • Some items were missing.
  • Some items were not correctly packaged.
  • Some items were damaged.

Most importantly they learned that SKUpics was able to provide the solution to their not-so-impossible mission.

Want to know how we did it?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you the whole story: contact@skupics.com

Visit our website at www.skupics.com to see examples of what we’ve done for others and can do for you.

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