Better than Wrong

A while back one of our clients shared with us the fact that a certain number of the existing pictures on their website were wrong – for one reason or another they no longer correctly represented the product being sold. As we discussed the project prior to beginning the photography we brought up the quality needed for the photos and were told that “just about anything is better than wrong.” I’m certain that the new and replacement photos we were able to provide exceeded this expectation, but there may be a place for “better than wrong” in product photography.

The longer that your website presents viewers with incorrect or poor images the more likely you are to lose sales. And think about this: the customer who does buy on the basis of a flawed photo may well end up disappointed, a customer-service issue and ultimately may return the product to you. To avoid all of this it may be necessary to photograph a large number of products in a short period of time. This doesn’t have to mean settling for low-quality pictures in the need for speed, but the reality may be that the in-studio “beauty shots” involving hours of setup won’t be necessary or helpful.

When needed we can be the “M*A*S*H of product photography” – providing quick, accurate, quality photos ready to be displayed on your website in a short time. (We can also produce the works of art that might adorn your conference room walls, but it takes more time.)

Better than “better than wrong”.

Visit our website at to see examples of what we’ve done for others and can do for you. Contact us at

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