When SKU met pics

A SKU, or “stock keeping unit” is a product and identification code for a product and/or store.  This SKU is a machine-readable barcode found on a sticker or on the package of a product.

A pic is a photograph.

SKUpics Studios was founded in 2012 to provide product imaging services for any industry.  Whether you have just one product or 50,000 products, our software delivers an image with a unique file name so that your images are correctly listed alongside your product descriptions in your online catalog, print catalog and sales sheets.

The SKUpics Studios team photographs products and uses SKUs (or other identifiers) to marry up an object (the product) with the asset (the photograph).  Our proprietary technology then names the files via our delivery script using the SKU or another identifier.  No SKU?  No problem!  We can easily use a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), part number, product name or really any detail that serves as a unique identifier for your product to name your product image files.  Your image files will be named accurately and consistently every time!

Scan, pic, deliver.  It’s yours!  Contact SKUpics Studios to find out how we quickly and accurately photograph products by using your SKU and our software!

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