No, we’re not talking about that time a friend went on a date and their date stopped speaking to them and basically disappeared.

Ghosting (or ghost mannequin) in product photography is representing a product as though someone is wearing it. It’s like there is a three-dimensional, invisible human wearing your product.  This is achieved through photographing your garment on a mannequin and removing the extraneous parts of the human form. SKUpics Studios uses the ghost mannequin technique to photograph wearables to showcase a garment’s shape, not to mention giving your customer a better overall shopping experience!

The “lay-flat” styling is great for social media. However, seeing a piece of clothing laying flat doesn’t provide the visual cues your customer needs to envision themselves wearing your clothing. Is the clothing tight or does it hang loosely?  Your customer can’t tell when it’s laying flat. But, when your clothing ghosted on a mannequin form, it’s obvious if the garment is to be tight at the top and flow through the waist or fit loosely. Remember, giving your customer the most information via photography is immeasurable when they can’t run into a dressing room to try on a garment.

Why use ghosting?

1. It’s less expensive than hiring a model. Modeling agency fees and image licensing costs can add up quickly. SKUpics Studios’ ghosts allow you to use their images forever.

2. Nothing is left to the imagination. Your customer doesn’t need to guess how your garment fits, they can easily see it! A ghost mannequin image is the closest thing to trying on a garment.

3. Your product isn’t flat like a computer screen. Your garments are three dimensional, so your product online should appear that way!

4. Photographing on a slight angle when ghosting a garment provides information and features on the sides of the garment-like designs or zippers. Customers wouldn’t see these features if the garment is laid flat.

Most major e-commerce retailers use ghost imaging for their product listings. Clothing and accessories are the usual suspects we ghost for our clients. The SKUpics Studios’ photographers have ghosted everything from a t-shirt to a backpack for dogs.

Two-dimensional images will haunt your sales! Stop by to see how we can add a third dimension to your garments and accessories without breaking the bank.

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