Turn Products to Turn a Profit

360 degree photography is 36 to 360 images compiled into one interactive file that allows your customer to virtually “spin” your product as if they’re physically turning it in their hand.  When shopping online, your customers cannot touch your products.  360 degree photography (or spins) engages your customer with your product and provides an experience that cannot be conveyed in a single photograph.  Providing spinning products on your e-commerce site is the closest thing to a customer walking into your brick and mortar retail location!

Using 360 degree photography on your website is a huge advantage over your competition! These spins turn your static website into an interactive experience.  Your customer controls their experience by adjusting the view of a product and zooming in closer to see the details.  Spins mean your customer spends more time with a single product, which will increase your conversion rates and revenues!

In order to create a spin set, SKUpics Studios uses 36 images (we believe this is the best option for a smooth spin).  So, you’re receiving 36 unique still images of your product that can be used for sales sheets, social media posts, product assembly guides and much more!
Your 36 images can be converted and used as:


  • Interactive GIFs
  • Individual images
  • Videos

More and more large online retailers are requiring spin sets in order to list products on their websites.  They know the value in handing a customer a product and recognize the next best thing is an interactive experience using 360 degree product photography.

Whether these spins are for your website or for a large online retailer, we’d love to turn around your customer experience! Visit www.skupics.com to learn more about our 360 degree photography!


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