Knolling Photography

Knolling is a process of arranging objects so they are at 90 degree angles from each other and there are even, parallel lines present.  Then, photographing said objects from above.  This kind of photography organization is very popular on social media, especially on Instagram.  Another name of knolling is “lay-flat” photography.

Any item can be knolled.  From stylists showing off their ability to put together outfits to photographers laying out everything in their camera bag, knolling is becoming a common sight. Highlighting the objects is simply done by using a solid background such as a flooring surface.  The key to knolling is highlighting the objects and ensuring that the objects are dynamic.

There is something inherently pleasing to the eye about knolling images. Major apparel and shoe brands use knolling as it a quick way to highlight new products in one photograph.  You can certainly fit an entire product line, like shoes, by spreading them out evenly and then using them as a website banner and in marketing emails.  

Shoot us an email at to find out how we can create knolling images for your brand!

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