Maximize Budgets with 360° Spin Sets

Social media managers and marketers are always looking for more content and visual assets.  The 360° spin sets that SKUpics Studios creates can be used in multiple file formats on a variety of platforms.  Essentially, these 360° spin sets provide more bang for your buck!

Before we go on, let’s address the elephant in the room.  What is a 360° spin set and how do I use it?  

A 360° spin set is 36 individual photos that are stitched together to create a single animated file.  Spin sets are loaded into a rich media viewer so that you can see the moving animation on a website. These rich media viewers allow the customer to control their own experience by manually spinning, stopping and zooming in on your product. Typically, these spin sets are shown through an HTML5 viewer so that they work properly on smartphones and tablets.

SKUpics Studios delivers 36 still images that can be deployed on your website by a multitude of solutions that can host and manage your spin sets.  Some of these solutions act as plugins for your ecommerce website. A few solutions to use 360° spin sets on your website are:

Imajize’s 360 viewer automatically processes your 360 product photography images into literally thousands of different sizes! This technology makes your 360 view load fast and look sharp on ANY device and screen size worldwide.

Webrotate’s technology is based on extensive experience producing professional 360 product photography, 3D product presentations and software.

adobe_experienceAdobe Dynamic Media Classic (Formerly Adobe Scene 7)
Create visually rich media, such as zoom and pan, 360-degree spin, color swatches, and mixed media viewers, in real time, from original assets.

Ok, so now you have 360° spin sets for your product listings on your website, but how else can you make the marketing team happy and use those 36 still images for additional content?

Our customers use the 36 different angles for planograms, sales sheets, instructional guides, secondary product images and advertising purposes.  If you’re looking to go above and beyond, ask your design team if they can place the product image in a lifestyle setting.  With 36 angles to choose from, usually, there is one angle that allows for the product to sit just perfectly in a lifestyle setting.

Convert 360° Spin Sets into GIFS

The GIF file format supports animation and these are awesome to use on social media!  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus all support GIFs. More and more, GIFs are used in emails There are hundreds of online tools that allow you to create seamless GIFs. GIFs allow you to add your text, logos and other graphics so you can create an entertaining experience for your followers and customers.  Adobe Photoshop has a number of ways to create animated GIFs, including frame-by-frame animation, timeline animation, and importing video frames. Here is one of many tutorials for a reference:


Convert 360° Spin Sets into Video

There are countless video editors available that convert your 36 .jpg still images from your 360° spin set into a video file format. If you’re an Amazon seller, you can upload video to add to your stills to stand out amongst other sellers. Almost every social media platform supports video, and if it doesn’t you can upload to YouTube and use the YouTube video link as a reference.  With video views reportedly in the 10s of billions on social media daily, it’s certainly relevant to make use of converting your 360° spin sets into videos.

Here are a few video editing applications we’ve used to create videos from 360° spin sets:

Next time you contact SKUpics Studios to photograph your products, you may want to consider 360° spin sets.  The spins may be more expensive than the traditional still image, but you can see the value in having 36 images of one product!

Please visit to experience the 360° Spin Sets created by our team at SKUpics Studios.

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