Monthly Archives: July 2017

Making a Splash

Our clients challenge us to create unique images that they’ve never seen so that their product listing stands out on websites like Amazon.  And, as a creative photography studio, we thrive on these challenges!

Recently, a client asked us to deliver “something different” for images of bath bombs. The SKUpics team of photographers immediately started testing new concepts.  Since bath bombs don’t exactly go back to their original form after being placed in water, we used a baseball to master the timing of the splash.  While we were satisfied with using the continuous setting on our camera, we weren’t thrilled.  And, we never settle for just being “satisfied.”

So, we wired a light and sound activated trigger to the DSLR camera. The splash triggered the camera, however, it proved to be too sensitive for our large studio and picked up everything from the footsteps of someone walking across the floor to the air conditioning kicking on!

Next, we borrowed a laser pointer from a photographer’s cat.  By passing the laser at just the right point above the water line to the light activated the trigger, we caught the baseball (and, later bath bomb) at the moment it entered the water.  Bingo!

Thrilled with the result using the laser pointer, we captured bath bombs creating the royal “crown” shaped splash as they entered the water along with multiple images of the chemical reaction “fizz” that makes bath bombs so unique.  

Are you ready to make waves (or a splash) with your product images to stand out amongst your competition?  

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