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Product Storytelling through Lifestyle Photography

Showing your customer the product you’re selling is crucial to any online retailer’s success. Customers may know exactly what the product they want to purchase looks like, but if there is no photo available your customer may second-guess their decision. Or, they may leave your website altogether out of mistrust.

Photos act as brand ambassadors. donut

As an integral part of e-commerce, product photography is no longer just an image of a product with a white background. Sure, many online retailers require the main product image to have a white background, but it’s the additional lifestyle images that create a connection between your customer and your product. Lifestyle photography tells a story by capturing products or people in an artistic way within a setting.
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Shutterstock & SKUpics Studios

Our images will make your social media and blog creative stand out amongst the rest. SKUpics Studios has you covered with new stock imagery available on We’re in the process of uploading our images to Shutterstock for you to preview and purchase. You’ll find a large assortment of images-everything from stacked, vintage suitcases to beverages at the beach!   Please visit our Shutterstock portfolio here:

We’re constantly adding to this portfolio, so please check back often for new images!  If you don’t see a specific image that aligns with your digital marketing, please feel free to contact us at