Product Storytelling through Lifestyle Photography

Showing your customer the product you’re selling is crucial to any online retailer’s success. Customers may know exactly what the product they want to purchase looks like, but if there is no photo available your customer may second-guess their decision. Or, they may leave your website altogether out of mistrust.

Photos act as brand ambassadors. donut

As an integral part of e-commerce, product photography is no longer just an image of a product with a white background. Sure, many online retailers require the main product image to have a white background, but it’s the additional lifestyle images that create a connection between your customer and your product. Lifestyle photography tells a story by capturing products or people in an artistic way within a setting.

It takes 1/10 of a second for someone to understand a visual scene.

The primary goal in lifestyle photography is to tell a meaningful story that will relate to your customer.  Lifestyle photography can be leveraged in e-commerce by creating a trusting relationship between your customer and your brand. Your product engaging with a model or a finding a home in an environment creates a meaningful, immersive concept. Customers can easily imagine wearing your product for a special occasion or find a home on the mantel in their living room.  Your customer has the full experience.  And, now it’s an experience they wouldn’t necessarily find in a brick and mortar store!

Evoke Emotional Responses

We rarely purchase products for mere necessity.  Most products are purchased as an emotional response.  So, your product photography should evoke an emotion so it increases the likelihood of conversions.  A jacket on a white background is boring, literal and void of emotion.  However, that same jacket on a smiling model while she drinks her hot coffee on a cool, fall morning at her favorite local cafe alongside her French bulldog certainly evokes an emotion that is relatable to your customers.  Humans are social beings so we relate to one another much more than inanimate objects or white space.

78% of online shoppers want products to be brought to life with images

The literal, on-white product image for your shopping cart will probably only live in that space.  The resistance to lifestyle images is that they’re more expensive than the on-white product image. However, a lifestyle photograph is a highly visual and valuable marketing tool as it serves many purposes:

  • E-commerce Product Listing
  • Social Media Creative Content
  • Email Marketing Headers
  • Product Category Website Headers

Provide your customer with an immersive, emotional experience of your brand through SKUpics Studio’s high-quality product lifestyle photography.  SKUpics Studios is a one stop photography shop for your e-commerce needs as we can create on white and lifestyle still images and interactive 360-degree spin sets.  Checkout our portfolio at or for more up to date photos please visit our Instagram here:

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