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Maximize Budgets with 360° Spin Sets

Social media managers and marketers are always looking for more content and visual assets.  The 360° spin sets that SKUpics Studios creates can be used in multiple file formats on a variety of platforms.  Essentially, these 360° spin sets provide more bang for your buck!

Before we go on, let’s address the elephant in the room.  What is a 360° spin set and how do I use it?  

A 360° spin set is 36 individual photos that are stitched together to create a single animated file.  Spin sets are loaded into a rich media viewer so that you can see the moving animation on a website. These rich media viewers allow the customer to control their own experience by manually spinning, stopping and zooming in on your product. Typically, these spin sets are shown through an HTML5 viewer so that they work properly on smartphones and tablets.

SKUpics Studios delivers 36 still images that can be deployed on your website by a multitude of solutions that can host and manage your spin sets.  Some of these solutions act as plugins for your ecommerce website. A few solutions to use 360° spin sets on your website are: Continue reading