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SKUpics Studios Web-Ready Guarantee

Aren’t sure what specifications are required for your online store but want to begin amassing your photo library now?  SKUpics Studios will deliver a basic square jpeg-on-white that is compatible with most major online stores AND we’ll keep our high-resolution future-proof image for up to a year! This way, we can provide whatever format(s) your online store requires when you are up and running.

We call it our SKUpics Web-Ready Guarantee, you call it peace of mind.

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No, we’re not talking about that time a friend went on a date and their date stopped speaking to them and basically disappeared.

Ghosting (or ghost mannequin) in product photography is representing a product as though someone is wearing it. It’s like there is a three-dimensional, invisible human wearing your product.  This is achieved through photographing your garment on a mannequin and removing the extraneous parts of the human form. SKUpics Studios uses the ghost mannequin technique to photograph wearables to showcase a garment’s shape, not to mention giving your customer a better overall shopping experience!

The “lay-flat” styling is great for social media. However, seeing a piece of clothing laying flat doesn’t provide the visual cues your customer needs to envision themselves wearing your clothing. Is the clothing tight or does it hang loosely?  Your customer can’t tell when it’s laying flat. But, when your clothing ghosted on a mannequin form, it’s obvious if the garment is to be tight at the top and flow through the waist or fit loosely. Remember, giving your customer the most information via photography is immeasurable when they can’t run into a dressing room to try on a garment.

Why use ghosting?

1. It’s less expensive than hiring a model. Modeling agency fees and image licensing costs can add up quickly. SKUpics Studios’ ghosts allow you to use their images forever.

2. Nothing is left to the imagination. Your customer doesn’t need to guess how your garment fits, they can easily see it! A ghost mannequin image is the closest thing to trying on a garment.

3. Your product isn’t flat like a computer screen. Your garments are three dimensional, so your product online should appear that way!

4. Photographing on a slight angle when ghosting a garment provides information and features on the sides of the garment-like designs or zippers. Customers wouldn’t see these features if the garment is laid flat.

Most major e-commerce retailers use ghost imaging for their product listings. Clothing and accessories are the usual suspects we ghost for our clients. The SKUpics Studios’ photographers have ghosted everything from a t-shirt to a backpack for dogs.

Two-dimensional images will haunt your sales! Stop by to see how we can add a third dimension to your garments and accessories without breaking the bank.

Price Decrease

SKUpics Studios understands that product imaging can be the most expensive part of launching a new product or product line.  After evaluating all of our costs and competition, we’re passing along our savings to our customers!

We’re pleased to announce decreasing our pricing for 1-99 images, effective February 16, 2017.  Not only are we decreasing prices, but we’re decreasing the turnaround time for up to 99 images from 10-15 business days to 7-10 business days.  We know the faster you get your images, the faster you turn a profit!
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One Photograph=Many Files

A white background is a standard for the primary image on e-commerce sites, however a background that complements your product is eye-catching and sets your product apart from the rest! SKUpics Studios delivers image files with a transparent background, allowing us to place your product on an unlimited number of backgrounds.transparency

Simply, when SKUpics Studios photographer takes one photo of your product, included in the price per image is up to to 5 different image files!

Let SKUpics Studios do the work for you! The SKUpics Studios’ proprietary delivery code takes care of the tedious job of manually adding backgrounds or overlays to each image.  A job that normally would involve a costly image editor hours, is accomplished via a few clicks on the keyboard!  

One photo can result in up to 5 different backgrounds or overlays!  That’s 5 final image files for each product photograph…for the price of one photograph!

Included in the price per image is the following backgrounds or overlays:

  • Transparency
  • On-White
  • Gradient
  • Solid Color
  • Logo Overlay
  • Logo Underlay

Backgrounds that the SKUpics Studios image editors can apply to your product image*:

  • Drop Shadow
  • White Reflective
  • Black Reflective
  • Wood Table
  • Digital Customization
  • Collage
  • Custom

Please contact us at to discuss your photography requirements and pricing!

*additional fees may apply

Amazon Prime Now Teams up with SKUpics Studios

As the largest online store on the planet, Amazon is an expert online seller that recognizes photography as a crucial component to increasing sales. Amazon hand-picked SKUpics Studios to deliver accurate product photography to their customers.  We’ve accurately photographed, named and delivered thousands of image files to virtual Amazon Prime Now storefronts.

As an Amazon Prime member, customers in select cities can opt to use Amazon Prime Now and have products delivered to their doorstep in just one or two hours!  Amazon Prime Now sources local retailers to sell their products. These customers are loyal to their local stores and are more likely to make a purchase if they can SEE the local product.  A description or a line drawing just doesn’t result in reaching or exceeding sales goals anymore.  

SKUpics Studios photography teams packed up our gear and traveled across the country to California and Washington to provide onsite imaging. We photographed everything from children’s’ toys to fine wine!

We can’t wait for Amazon to offer Amazon Prime Now in our own backyard!

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Better than Wrong

A while back one of our clients shared with us the fact that a certain number of the existing pictures on their website were wrong – for one reason or another they no longer correctly represented the product being sold. As we discussed the project prior to beginning the photography we brought up the quality needed for the photos and were told that “just about anything is better than wrong.” I’m certain that the new and replacement photos we were able to provide exceeded this expectation, but there may be a place for “better than wrong” in product photography. Continue reading

Well, it seemed impossible at first…

Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to “touch” each of 230,000 items in a working distribution center, clean the item, photograph it in accordance with a detailed style guide, and return it to the proper bin when completed. To add to the difficulty of this mission we had to avoid the ongoing picking, work within the confines of the aisles, not connect to any power, track every photo by the item’s part number, and complete the mission in as short a time as possible.

What did we learn from this experience?

We are agile, able to respond to a difficult environment and create solutions to a seemingly impossible set of criteria. (If it sounds like I am proud of our team, I am unashamedly so.)

What benefits did our client gain?

In addition to a complete set of product photos they learned that:

  • Some items were not in the correct bins.
  • Some items were missing.
  • Some items were not correctly packaged.
  • Some items were damaged.

Most importantly they learned that SKUpics was able to provide the solution to their not-so-impossible mission.

Want to know how we did it?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you the whole story:

Visit our website at to see examples of what we’ve done for others and can do for you.