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When SKU met pics

A SKU, or “stock keeping unit” is a product and identification code for a product and/or store.  This SKU is a machine-readable barcode found on a sticker or on the package of a product.

A pic is a photograph.

SKUpics Studios was founded in 2012 to provide product imaging services for any industry.  Whether you have just one product or 50,000 products, our software delivers an image with a unique file name so that your images are correctly listed alongside your product descriptions in your online catalog, print catalog and sales sheets.
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You’ve got to show your product to sell your product

Seems simple enough and yet how often do we visit a website only to see “Image Not Available”, line drawings or simple representative images? We live in a world influenced by marketing giants like Amazon and as a result customers now expect to see exactly what they’re buying. If a potential customer is holding a blue widget in his hand but your website only shows red widgets, doubt is created and an unsure customer may go to a competitor’s website that displays both the red and blue widgets. The ultimate confirmation of a customer’s buying choice is a photo that matches their expectations.

Does this mean that you need photographs of every product that you carry?

Not necessarily. A 1/2″ and a 3/4″ hexagonal nut look very similar but the differences in grade, finish and thread type will require separate images. Think of it this way: if a customer can’t simply ask for your product without specifying size, shape, texture, color, etc., you need individual images that reflect these differences.

Visit our website at www.skupics.com to see examples of what we’ve done for others and can do for you.